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If you'd like to learn more about greener living, deregulation, smarter homes, saving money, and more, you've come to the right place.

Saving Energy

We want you to save energy! Not only is it good for your wallet, it's good for the planet, too. Check out these energy saving tips to learn how to make your energy usage more efficient and less expensive.
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5 Top Energy Saving Tips for the Winter Season

The winter season can mean plenty of things to different people: treasured time with families during the holidays, hot chocolate and snowball fights, or even a reason to bust out your favorite sweaters and jackets. But for those of us who constantly think about how to sustainably live green and reduce energy use for our […]

Are You Ready to Purchase an Electric Vehicle?

There once was a time where electric vehicles on the road were just an impractical plaything for the wealthy who got early access to a Tesla. But actually, if you go back further, electricity was actually one of the options to run early developed automobiles before gasoline won out as the preferred technology. Despite having […]

Staying Energy Conscious While Hanging the Holiday Lights

Whether you’re the overly ambitious household stringing up your holiday lights as soon as Halloween passes or you staunchly wait until Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have been consumed, there’s one fact about holiday lights that’s universal: they drive up our power bills every year. Come December, you may feel festive hanging Christmas lights or decorating the […]

Atlantic Energy’s Smart Home Bundle Gets Even More Eco-Friendly By Going Plastic Free

When eligible customers make the switch to Atlantic Energy, oftentimes they do so because they are seeking to go green with their residential power needs. Atlantic Energy’s customers not only get more affordable energy for their daily needs but by using us they also support our eco-friendly renewable energy sources. Our power generation comes from […]

Dominoes are Falling in States Setting 100% Clean Energy Goals

The Green New Deal has made a lot of noise since late 2018 in the push towards an energy transition, one that would replace America’s polluting and greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels with renewable and carbon-free energy sources. In terms of efforts to get the American energy mix to 100% clean and/or renewable energy, the […]

Looking Back on 2020: COVID-19’s Impact on Energy Consumption

The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of devastation, uncertainty, and long-lingering impacts from which modern society, leaders, and markets will be looking back on for years to come. While these impacts will be the dominating memory, and rightfully so, the situation that required people to drastically adjust their ways of lives create countless ‘natural experiments’ […]


Your Energy Choice

Thanks to deregulation, you can choose your energy provider. You can choose the supplier who’s right for your home, budget, and needs. Learn more about how deregulation works and what to look for in a provider. The power is yours!
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What is a Smart Grid and How Smart is Our Current Grid?

These days it seems like everything has a ‘smart’ version: you can control your smart lights and your smart thermostat from your smartphone. Then you can hop into your electric vehicle, charged with a smart charger, back up using a smart assist drive and head to the store where smart checkout options may exist. While […]

Energy Choice: What Is it and Where Is It Allowed?

In most economic marketplaces you engage in on a daily basis, you are presented with a myriad of choices. There are many different computers you can buy from a myriad of competitors, the highway is littered with gas stations representing different companies, and even if you want a fast food burger on that highway you’re […]

Overview and Developments in Energy Storage

As utilities across the grid seek to get move into renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, one of the key aspects holding renewables back are their inherent intermittency. Intermittency means that they can not be relied upon to generate electricity whenever you want, because solar power needs to have sun and wind energy requires […]

Energy Audits and Home Energy Assessments: What Value Can They Bring Homeowners?

As more awareness is brought to the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce wasted energy, not to mention the financial benefits that households receive by minimizing their utility bills, many people find themselves wondering what the best way to start is. You can take the basic actions that many people already know about, such […]

Deregulation in the Energy Sector: What It Means for Customers

Since the early days of Edison and the dawn of the utility sector, power providers have typically enjoyed a regulated monopoly over their customers, meaning end-users did not have any choice when it came to energy companies. There would be a single utility company that controlled the power lines going into homes and businesses and […]

Switching Energy Suppliers: Who is Eligible?

The energy industry is a rather unique one in the United States, as customers have for the longest time not been given a choice in whose services to use. From the beginning of the utility industry, back in the days of Edison and Pearl Street Central Power Station, a single company would own and operate […]


Smarter Homes

Once only found in science fiction stories, smart home products are a reality we can take advantage of. Learn how you can use these "space age inventions" to manage your home, save energy, and seamlessly improve their lives.
man lounging on couch using tablet
Do Smart Homes Really Save You Money?

Even after a year of being housebound, many of us find ourselves in a remote-work situation, so home is where we're going to spend far more time than we once did. It doesn't take long for our thoughts to switch to the extra power we're going to use by being at home so much more. […]

Energy Efficiency: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

There are so many reasons you should want to reduce your energy footprint. If combating climate change, reducing pollution and preserving the planet for future generations aren't convincing arguments ... how about saving you money? Wasting anything is money sent down the drain, and spending more on energy than you need to is no different. […]

Energy-Saving Tips for Smart Homes

Have you ever done a home energy assessment? If you haven’t — or if it’s been a while — it’s possible that your household is wasting significant amounts of energy. It also provides valuable insights, such as which areas of your home require more power, whether it’s time to add more insulation, and/or whether your […]

Light Comparison Guide: LED Lights Versus Standard Bulbs

Don't you hate it when it's the middle of the night, and you're a few pages away from finishing your latest murder-mystery novel when a blown light bulb suddenly ruins your chance of finding out who done it? If your bedside table lamp uses a regular light, you might want to know if you can […]

What You Should Know When Choosing the Products for You

There’s no denying it anymore, the smart home market is emerging as a hot and growing sector that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even better for the energy-savvy consumer, these smart products are able to help you manage your home energy use and increase overall energy efficiency in ways that were never before […]

Using the Atlantic Energy App with Your Smart Home Bundle Products

Smart home products have gone from futuristic ideas or toys of the wealthy to real tools for the average family to manage their home, save energy, and seamlessly improve their lives. Because of the immense benefits they can provide a home, Atlantic Energy has been proud that customers can receive up to $650 of smart […]


Tons of Devices One Smart Way to Control Them

The Atlantic Energy app lets you set on/off schedules and create programs any time for your smart devices, from anywhere.
Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let’s find the smarter plan for you.
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