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Switching Energy Suppliers: Who is Eligible?

The energy industry is a rather unique one in the United States, as customers have for the longest time not been given a choice in whose services to use. From the beginning of the utility industry, back in the days of Edison and Pearl Street Central Power Station, a single company would own and operate […]

Deregulation in the Energy Sector: What It Means for Customers

Since the early days of Edison and the dawn of the utility sector, power providers have typically enjoyed a regulated monopoly over their customers, meaning end-users did not have any choice when it came to energy companies. There would be a single utility company that controlled the power lines going into homes and businesses and […]

Energy Audits and Home Energy Assessments: What Value Can They Bring Homeowners?

As more awareness is brought to the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce wasted energy, not to mention the financial benefits that households receive by minimizing their utility bills, many people find themselves wondering what the best way to start is. You can take the basic actions that many people already know about, such […]

Overview and Developments in Energy Storage

As utilities across the grid seek to get move into renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, one of the key aspects holding renewables back are their inherent intermittency. Intermittency means that they can not be relied upon to generate electricity whenever you want, because solar power needs to have sun and wind energy requires […]

Energy Choice: What Is it and Where Is It Allowed?

In most economic marketplaces you engage in on a daily basis, you are presented with a myriad of choices. There are many different computers you can buy from a myriad of competitors, the highway is littered with gas stations representing different companies, and even if you want a fast food burger on that highway you’re […]

What is a Smart Grid and How Smart is Our Current Grid?

These days it seems like everything has a ‘smart’ version: you can control your smart lights and your smart thermostat from your smartphone. Then you can hop into your electric vehicle, charged with a smart charger, back up using a smart assist drive and head to the store where smart checkout options may exist. While […]


Tons of Devices One Smart Way to Control Them

The Atlantic Energy app lets you set on/off schedules and create programs any time for your smart devices, from anywhere.
Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let’s find the smarter plan for you.
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