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Atlantic Energy’s Smart Home Bundle Gets Even More Eco-Friendly By Going Plastic Free

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When eligible customers make the switch to Atlantic Energy, oftentimes they do so because they are seeking to go green with their residential power needs. Atlantic Energy’s customers not only get more affordable energy for their daily needs but by using us they also support our eco-friendly renewable energy sources. Our power generation comes from certified renewable sources, which inherently helps fight climate change and promote sustainable living. It’s just one of the ways your power provider can help you to save the planet.

At Atlantic Energy, though, we strive to take that green commitment a step further, which is why customers who retain our services for a given amount of time are eligible to earn free our smart home bundle. As the smart home market has exploded in popularity in recent years, customers have begun to recognize that these gadgets aren’t just cool and convenient, but they can be the energy-conscious choice in promoting energy efficiency and conservation. As we’ve noted in the Atlantic Energy blog before, smart lights, smart plugs, and smart cameras are all capable of unlocking a truly green home when used by the intelligent consumer.

Atlantic Energy has been happy to empower thousands upon thousands of our customers with these smart home capabilities, but we are not here to rest on our laurels. Rather, we’re always striving to find the next way to help you go green, which is why we are changing our smart home bundle products’ packaging to reduce waste and make them more eco-friendly by going plastic-free.

As with most smart home products on the market, Atlantic Energy’s smart home bundle previous came packaged in a cardboard box and the individual parts were wrapped in plastic bags. However, Atlantic Energy is looking to not just move along with the rest of the market but to set the pace as an industry leader, which is why we’re doing away with those plastic bags. All of the products in the Atlantic Energy smart home bundle will be in recyclable cardboard, meaning you can make sure connecting your home to the Internet of Things (IoT) will no longer require you to add plastic to the world’s growing landfills. This is how we can be a part of the circular economy and let you go green from start to finish.

How much of a difference can getting rid of the plastic bags in our products make? Consider the following fast facts and figures:

  • According to the Los Angeles Department of Water, 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide each year, and each bag takes about 300 years to photodegrade after they end up in landfills.
  • National Geographic reports that 40% of all plastic produced every year goes to such single-use plastic.
  • National Public Radio has reported about how emissions of plastic production and incineration are expected to account for 56 gigatons of carbon from now and 2050, which is 50 times the annual emissions from all U.S. coal powered plants.
  • While creating 100 billion plastic bags each year in the United States, 12 million barrels of oil are required.
  • Sadly, scientists report that 100,000 marine animals are killed each year by plastic bag pollution.
  • All this global ecological harm is caused for plastic bags that are used for an average of 12 minutes and then require hundreds of years to degrade and break down.

Atlantic Energy is committed to minimizing our footprint on the planet Earth, and for that reason, we are moving away from plastic and we are moving towards this more environmental and eco-friendly packaging. We hope you’ll join us on this journey towards a sustainable and healthy planet: it takes all of us working together to really make a difference.

And with that in mind, we invite you to reach out and get in touch with Atlantic Energy today. We’d love you to take advantage of our renewable energy, utilize smart home products to reduce wasted energy in your home, and feel good about it all as you can easily recycle all the packaging products that those smart home products are delivered in!

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