By choosing Atlantic Energy as your electricity supplier, and supporting our eco-friendly renewable energy sources, you participate in the sustainability movement and actively help to create a cleaner, safer environment on Earth.

Choose Clean Energy


Fortunately, a world-wide shift is taking place toward renewable energy – and we’re proud to have a role in it. Atlantic Energy actively believes in developing a sustainable energy future and improving conditions on Earth. We are committed to using and promoting the most Eco-friendly energy sources available. We offer our customers the opportunity to choose our clean electricity, which is matched with renewable energy credits sourced from national renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar.



Utility Bill Audit  


Find out if you’re over-paying the general utility. Let Atlantic Energy’s experts assess your utility account history.

What we do

Our exceptional LED light bulb program uses our own dedicated distribution centers, transportation and staff to deliver LEDs right to our customers. And our custom-designed information technology system ensures that our customers receive everything they expect, when they expect it.

What is a Utility Bill Audit?


A Utility Bill Audit is a detailed analysis of all utility accounts (electricity, gas, water, wastewater, etc.), reviewing up to three prior years for errors, overcharges, and/or missed opportunities. Atlantic Energy’s knowledgeable staff will perform a complimentary Utility Bill Audit for any customer who requests and authorizes it.   Once we uncover any erroneous charges, they are challenged, corrected, and any overpayment is recovered on your behalf.


Service Agreement


Complete our inspection agreement. This will allow us to start your Utility Bill Audit.


Letter of Authorization


Provide us with a letter of authorization (LOA) on your company letterhead.


Billing Statement


Provide us with a recent copy of your billing statement for the utility accounts being audited.

Make Atlantic Energy your Energy Supplier

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