Atlantic Energy 2018 Private Yacht Event

Atlantic Energy hosted the 5th annual private Yacht cruise for their entire staff Saturday, July 14th in New York City. This event was attended by over 285 Atlantic Energy employees from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland, Ohio and Delaware. Co-CEO James Uglow said, “Our staff works so hard and I am thrilled to spend this evening celebrating their success.”

Employees boarded a 120 foot private Yacht at 6:00PM on Saturday evening. They were greeted by the deck crew and led to the sun deck for cocktails and the red carpet photo shoot. Staff gathered together for team pictures with the beautiful NYC backdrop. The Yacht departed at 6:15PM and made its way up the east river towards the Manhattan Bridge.

Throughout the evening, over 25 of Atlantic Energy’s sales reps were acknowledged for various awards such as rising star, most consistent, hardest working, most improved and much more.

“I’m always intrigued to speak with our award winners and ask them why they feel they’re having such success” James Uglow stated. “In different ways, I’m always told it has to do with Atlantic Energy’s training and the system’s in place. Over 20 years ago I began developing the training guide myself. While it has evolved to meet today’s sales environment, the core values have stayed the same. I am proud to hear that the sales team recognises the training as the key for their success.”

Atlantic Energy uses this proprietary training tool to ensure quality control throughout the sales departments. James Uglow knows that the growth of Atlantic Energy depends on the development of the staff.

“At first, individuals come to Atlantic Energy looking for a sales job. It takes a couple weeks for them to learn all the systems in place, which are designed for them to be successful. We have integrated technology into the core functions of our business. This is what has allowed us to grow so rapidly, and still have visibility of all sales reps across the 8 states we operate in”.

By 9:00PM the Yacht floated by the Statue of Liberty as employees began to capture the breathtaking views. This event marks the 5th annual private Yacht cruise and Atlantic Energy is looking forward to following up next year with another great event.

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