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Become more energy efficient with Atlantic Energy’s LED Lighting Program

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While there are many ways to make your business more energy efficient, the Atlantic Energy LED Lighting Program may be the simplest and most impactful way yet! Join our 29,000 customers who have teamed up with Atlantic Energy’s movement to become more energy efficient.

Atlantic Energy has distributed over 550,000 LED light bulbs throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts and Connecticut. From this LED Light Bulb program, Atlantic Energy has eliminated 167 million kWhs from the environment which is equivalent to:

26,613 passenger vehicles driven for one year


18,628 homes electricity use for one year


5,080,704 propane tanks used for home BBQ’s

Customers have loved being part of a movement that has already had such an enormous positive effect on our environment. This type of impact is exactly what Atlantic Energy Co-CEO Patrick Linden had in mind.

“Our LED Lighting Program is the core of our business and customers love receiving our LED light bulbs for many reasons” said Linden. “On top of becoming more energy efficient, it gives businesses a facelift and beautify their entire store. Many businesses don’t install brand new LED light bulbs because there expensive. With the Atlantic Energy’s LED lighting program, we have made it simple to become energy efficient”.

This program is designed for restaurants, offices, warehouses, pharmacies, laundromats or any other business looking for energy efficient solutions. And to become an Atlantic Energy customer takes just 4 simple steps:

  1. An inspection is scheduled by the customer service team
  2. Atlantic Energy lighting specialist arrives and does a full store review to understand the businesses lighting needs
  3. Atlantic Energy lighting specialist shows all of the LED light bulbs available for that particular business
  4. After LED bulbs are selected, customer can expected delivery within 1 week

It is that simple to become energy efficient and join this massive movement that is already happening. By implementing this program, Atlantic Energy has made great strides at improving the environment.

Finding energy efficient solutions can be difficult without impacting your day to day business. One of the great benefits of this program is it allows businesses to operate the exact same way as they always have. Only change is there store looks better and is more energy efficient. A true win, win!

This program was not created overnight and evolved over time which lead to a proprietary workflow that has yet to be matched in the energy industry. Some of the area’s that separate Atlantic Energy from other energy providers are in house:

Customer Service






Product Sourcing

“By bringing these departments in house, we have control over quality” said Atlantic Energy Co-CEO James Uglow. “We have truly innovated the energy industry. Our customer retention is double the industry standard because we are offering what customers want. We saw an opportunity for a 100% value added energy company. And that is exactly what we have become”.

Atlantic Energy has had such a large and positive impact within a stagnant industry. By pioneering real value added offerings for customers, they have shed light on an area of opportunity within the energy industry. “In addition to the LED lighting program, we have identified other areas of opportunity and have began implementing them. Currently we offer homeowners and businesses smart home bundles as well. Following the success of our LED program, our smart product bundles has been very popular” said Linden.

To find out which offers you may qualify for, call Atlantic Energy’s customer service center. They will be able to provide you with any information you are interested in. (800)-917-9133

Join the movement.

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