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Control Your Business From Anywhere! Smart Business Bundle

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Atlantic Energy continues to exceed customer expectations. This time, they’re smart business bundle product suite goes beyond what other energy company have offered.

Atlantic Energy made its name in the energy industry with its innovative and unique LED light bulb program. This offer was geared towards businesses and brought true value added offers to the energy industry. With almost a decade of servicing local businesses across the Northeast, Atlantic Energy continues to evolve with its latest smart business bundle offer.

Upon a business becoming an Atlantic Energy customer, they will be delighted to enter our suite of services that are offer. These range from our customer service center, in-house technology department, or the centralized logistical warehouses which keep inventory local, in an effort to always meet customers product needs.

One of the first points of education the Atlantic Energy sales team helps local businesses understand are the differences between a fixed and varying rate. For some businesses, our fixed rate is very advantageous simply due to the design of a set monthly fee associated with their energy use. Atlantic Energy has found many businesses are unaware of fixed rates and being able to forecast s set cost for their business has been extremely helpful. For other businesses a varying rate seems to be more beneficial as they are comfortable with their rates increasing or decreasing due to market conditions. After a consultation, business owners are able to make decisions based on the needs of their business. Regardless of the businesses choice, they are supported on a daily basis by Atlantic Energy’s power desk whose sole purpose is to read the analytics and data collection to purchase energy at the most aggressive pricing possible.

Now, if that was all Atlantic Energy offered, they would simply blend in with the rest of the energy industry. With their continued efforts to innovate within this stagnant industry, after rate selection Atlantic Energy is just beginning the services they offer for businesses.

Below lays out the delivery windows for the smart product Atlantic Energy is currently offering for businesses that become customers.

Immediately- LED Light Bulb for entire business

After 90 days- 1 Wi-Fi Smart Camera

After 12 months- 6 Color Changing Mood Lights

After 12 months- 6 Energy Efficient Smart Plugs

Option- Price Protection Guarantee for fixed rate customers (state dependent)

This product assortment was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of a every day business.

Providing LED lighting immediately increases a businesses energy efficiency. Also, replacing all of the old lightbulbs with brand new bright LED lighting beautifies any store.

Wi-Fi enabled cameras allow business owners, management, or whom ever is given access visibility to anywhere within the business walls. These cameras become an added level of security to always ensure employees and patrons have a safe place to visit.

Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs make every day common tasks even easier! These progressive plugs bring The power from any common wall outlet right into the palm of your hands. Never again worry if you have left something plugged in and running, simply through our Atlantic Energy app you will always have access to avoid dangerous situations.

Having built it’s core business within the walls of local businesses, Atlantic Energy knew the next step they needed to take in order to continue evolving within the energy industry. This offer has been met with raving reviews by local businesses across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut. After joining the movement set by Atlantic Energy, all businesses receive LED lightbulbs which immediately make them energy efficient. Then the additional smart product truly shows a understanding of todays customer and what their needs are.

With plans to continue expanding to all deregulated markets, Atlantic Energy is positioned for success!

Tons of Devices One Smart Way to Control Them

The Atlantic Energy app lets you set on/off schedules and create programs any time for your smart devices, from anywhere.
Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let’s find the smarter plan for you.
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