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Main Services Atlantic Energy Offers

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The thing is this:

It’s 2018 and we all know how important living a greener life is, we also understand that if we do not play our part now the consequences will be fatal.

So, how can you change your carbon footprint?

Here at Atlantic Energy we believe in the Power of Choice so we have 3 different services you can choose from (or all):

Today you will find out how to convert your home or business to a more environment friendly space and the main services Atlantic Energy offers.

Natural Gas

The first thing that you need to know is that Atlantic Energy supplies natural gas to all customers at most competitive prices.

Natural gas is the major fuel used to heat buildings.

Businesses and homes also use it as an energy source for cooking, heating water, drying clothes and even outdoor lighting.

With Atlantic Energy natural gas you will:

  • Manage your gas costs at the end of the month
  • For businesses you will get a natural gas supply plan

The question you need to ask yourself is, why should you pay more when you can get cleaner energy for less?

After enrolling with Atlantic and selecting one of out plans you will be able to reduce energy costs once the next billing period began.


Think light, think Atlantic. That simple.

For anything that is powered by electricity from lighting, ventilation, space cooling/air conditioning, refrigeration, computers and office equipment, space and water heating, to name just a few you can run it greener and leaner.

With so many appliances at the tips of our fingers, managing the cost of each one defelinty runs up your electricity supply and ultimately the cost too.

Instead, maximise your efficiencies and lower your monthly electricity bill. We offer electricity service plans suitable for any of the following:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Restaurant

If your business is energy-intensive, we can help you manage your supply cost with the customized electricity supply plans.

Plus, also provide a variety of energy-efficiency programs designed to help you better manage, control, and cut your energy costs. Eligible customers can obtain the greatest total reduction in electricity cost by combining Atlantic Energy’s electricity supply with our complimentary LED light bulb program.

We provide FREE energy-efficient LED lighting to eligible customers, which fully replaces their existing older-type lighting, slashes their electricity use and lowers their monthly costs.

When you choose your electricity supplier, whether it’s by reducing your consumption through the LED light bulb program or supporting our eco-friendly renewable energy sources, you actively help to create a cleaner, safer environment on Earth together with Atlantic Energy.


What Are The Rates At Atlantic Energy?

There are 4 rate options to choose from:

  • Fixed Rate
  • Variable Rate
  • Explore Rate Options
  • Fixed To Index

Fixed Rate

​Here, you pay a flat rate per therm each month during a predetermined time period (usually 6 to 12 months).

This pricing option offers the most predictability to your energy budget, and allows you to best estimate your

natural gas and heating cost.

This option is recommended for customers whose priority is careful budgeting.

Variable Rate

​With this pricing option, there is no long-term contract or binding obligation.

The price you pay per therm is determined by market fluctuations, very similar to how the local utility prices natural gas

Explore Rate Options Atlantic appreciates that some customers see an advantage in allowing ongoing market fluctuations in the price of natural gas to determine the rate they pay, while others prefer to protect against potential market volatility by locking in one constant, fixed rate in advance.

When you enroll with Atlantic Energy for natural gas supply, you choose the rate plan that is most sensible for your circumstances and business.

Fixed To Index

​Natural gas is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

Three calendar days before the end of each month, a settlement price is established for natural gas sold during the next month.

A fixed margin is added to the settlement price, resulting in our final sale price.

Additional Savings

For New York state customers, when natural gas is purchased from Atlantic Energy, the New York sales tax on the utility portion of the bill is eliminated. For New York state customers, Atlantic Energy is not obligated to collect Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) fees.

Final thoughts

Going green doesn’t need to be hard when you have the right company behind you.

What you need to be certain of is that they after offer you support long after you’ve bought the product and always steer you in the right direction according to your needs.

Atlantic Energy does exactly this with the customer service ready to help you from start to finish on all of the main services Atlantic Energy offers.

Tons of Devices One Smart Way to Control Them

The Atlantic Energy app lets you set on/off schedules and create programs any time for your smart devices, from anywhere.
Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let’s find the smarter plan for you.
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