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Atlantic Energy is a company with a clear, simple mission: to provide its customers with energy as reliably, dependably, and cost effectively as possible. Our electricity rates are extremely competitive, and we are confident that you will not find another supplier with a better combination of great deals and great service. In fact, excellent customer service means everything to us, and we take a great deal of pride in our reputation as a front runner in customer service among energy companies. If our customers are happy, then so are we – and that’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure we do things right.

Of course, it’s not only about cheap electricity, since there would be no point in having low prices if we didn’t also provide outstanding service. Some companies might try to tempt you with unrealistically low bills, but without telling you that they were cutting corners on servicing. We don’t do that. We realize the problems that can arise with both monopolized utilities and competing electricity companies, and our long experience and deep expertise means that we can lever that knowledge to bring you excellence in every department. Our customers know that they can trust us – join them, and so can you.

Atlantic Energy was set up precisely because other electricity providers were not always offering their customers the best value in energy provision. The range of options in pricing that we offer our customers is second to none, and ensures that everyone can benefit from what we believe are the best value electricity rates in the state. You will be offered a variety of plans, so you can always be sure of finding the one to suit your personal circumstances. Both fixed and variable rates are available, unlike from your utility company. Our success is built on integrity and honesty in energy saving provision. Get in touch today and see how Atlantic Energy can make a difference for you.


Energy Procurement

Choosing the energy supplier for a business is not an easy task. However, businesses have the freedom to select the energy supplier with whom they will be able to cut down on their energy costs. It should be noted that energy procurement is not simple and this is why getting a supplier with the most affordable price and low risk value has proven to be a challenge to many. This is why many businesses have opted to have a procurement partner in their operations.

One of the best procurement partners for businesses is the Atlantic Energy team of specialists. This team is one of the most dedicated and devoted team of procurement experts who are committed to ensuring that your business cuts down on all costs of energy so as to maximize profit. We as Atlantic Energy team do not view the procurement of energy process as a once to do thing but rather a continuous process that requires a lot of well informed strategies.

We are in the industry so as to enable businesses come up with well informed strategies in terms of picking the best energy supplier and how to go along with the entire energy procurement process. We also educate business owners on prevailing energy dynamics in the market and how to cope up with them. We work with different businesses so as to ensure that different energy suppliers compete to supply energy for them through arming them with the right resources and information. We also give tips on how businesses on how energy procurement process should be done. Furthermore, we also give businesses the available energy options available that fit your business in terms of costs and are less risky.

Atlantic energy has been very lively in advising different businesses on the competitive energy markets as well as procurement services. Apart from the aforementioned, we also take part in ancillary markets and capacity auctions. With all this information, we offer your business the best solution as far as cutting down the energy costs is concerned.

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Signing up with Atlantic Energy is a simple process. There are no sign up fees nor are there any cancelation fees. Enroll today to start saving money on your energy costs.

Broker Portal

The Atlantic Energy Broker program allows energy brokers to earn residual income and build a professional sales career by promoting Atlantic Energy services to businesses of all sizes.

Energy Deregulation

Deregulation of the natural gas industry now provides customers with a choice in their energy supplier. With a low overhead and an aggressive pricing model . . .

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Why Us?

Atlantic Energy was created for the purpose of delivering energy to customers as cost effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on having top-of-the-line customer service. Our goal is to free you from the monopolized market of the utilities and show you what the power of choice can accomplish. At Atlantic Energy we are committed to work diligently with our customers. By offering different pricing options, our customers are able to choose the plan that works best for them. We offer both variable and fixed rates. This is something that your utility company will not offer.

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