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"AccountAuthorized": "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions displayed to me throughout the enrollment process and above and that are available to download and save/print",
"WebFormID": "9",
"SubmissionID": "813",
"ProgramCode": "",
"AccountType": "RESI",
"AccountNumber": "72000938448",
"AccountNumber2": "",
"AcctCustomerRelationship": "I am Account Holder",
"CellPhoneNumber": "",
"Email": "",
"EmailApproval": "",
"EnrollmentFirstName": "Zuleika",
"EnrollmentLastName": "Cruz",
"EnrollmentIP": "",
"FirstName": "Zuleika",
"LastName": "Cruz",
"HeardAbout": "Pervider",
"MailingAddressLine1": "",
"MailingAddressLine2": "",
"MailingCity": "",
"MailingState": "",
"MailingZip": "",
"NewsLetterSignup": "",
"PhoneNumber": "(413) 505-3075",
"ProductNumber": "01410",
"PromoCode": "Online",
"ReadNYRights": "",
"ServiceAddress1": "196 nursery st apt d3",
"ServiceAddress2": "",
"ServiceCity": "Springfield",
"ServiceState": "MA",
"ServiceZip": "01104",
"Signature": "",
"comm_resi": "RESI",
"Spanish": "Spanish",
"TermsAccepted": "",
"utility": "Eversource+NSTAR",
"MeterReadCycle": "TestQA13",
"DepositAmount": "deposit_amount",
"County": "service_county",
"rep_id": "Online",
"utm_source": "",
"utilityid": "006951552",
"GasAuthorization": "",
"GasPlanID": "",
"GasAccountNumber": "",
"ConfirmationCode": "atl_enroll_65edb376cedee",
"FormSubmissionID": "813",
"FormSubmissionSerialNumber": "243",
"GasUtility": "",
"ProductNumberG": "",
"LeadID": "00QVL0000053E0L2AU",
"TOSURL": "",
"ContractLink": ""

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