How Atlantic Energy Helps Restaurants Improve Customer Experience.

“As a restaurant owner, you may not realize it, but you’re unintentionally turning your customers off by not paying closer attention to a simple problem”, says Patrick Linden, Atlantic Energy’s CEO.

“And what’s most amazing, it’s something these owners see in front of their eyes every day,” Linden said. “But yet, they still find it hard to believe they’re missing anything considering they’re already spending 70+ hours a week running their business, still feel they have the best chef and wait staff in town and continue to be proud of their attractive dining room.”

But when pressed further, these owners and managers often admit they should have more customers. And, have also started to notice, that their operational expenses have begun to rise.

But what can they do? Plenty, says the energy company’s CEO. “I’m proud to announce that Atlantic Energy now has a solution that will both improve your patron experiences AND help you reduce usage while running your restaurant,” says Linden.

It first starts with calling Atlantic Energy for a complimentary review of your lighting and energy needs. We can show you plenty of easy to implement examples (see photos below) of how simple lighting changes can improve the ambience of your restaurant; which will encourage customers to stay longer, give better social media reviews and ultimately come back more often.

The goal is to create an experience. To make a mark on the patron. Presentation is key, now in a digital world more than ever. How many times do you see a customer wait to take a picture of the plate prior to eating? That picture will attract new customers. That picture will circulate the internet and group chats everywhere. The perfect lighting will make sure to increase your business value.

And, with the use of greener, more attractive LED bulbs, your new lighting strategy is going to reduce usage. That’s a win-win for both your customers and your business!

Set up an appointment today by calling 1-800-917-9133 or go to

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