Cryptocurrency and Energy Generation: Natural Partners or Potential Problem Spot?

Since first bursting into the public consciousness several years ago, the concept of cryptocurrency has continuously perplexed many people outside the industry, while others felt confident that they were close to understanding the technology only to have it slip through their grips. All the while, cryptocurrency opportunities were creating windfalls of economic opportunities for investors […]

Light Comparison Guide: LED Lights Versus Standard Bulbs

Don’t you hate it when it’s the middle of the night, and you’re a few pages away from finishing your latest murder-mystery novel when a blown light bulb suddenly ruins your chance of finding out who done it? If your bedside table lamp uses a regular light, you might want to know if you can […]

Increasing a Building’s Energy System Efficiency Via the Rooftop: Past, Present, and Future

With so much understandable focus on transitioning energy generation from fossil fuels to clean energy, stakeholders must not overlook some of the lowest hanging fruit in the energy realm: energy efficiency. Well-planned energy efficiency programs and technologies represent one of the most critical and natural win-wins out there. Energy efficiency allows for conserving of energy […]

Half of U.S. Solar by 2050 – What’s Really Happening

solar usage in the united states

Half U.S. Electricity Solar by 2050? What’s Really Happening Media outlet headlines and social media posts galore last week came out with a force for the following announcement: the Biden Administration is talking about nearly half of U.S. electricity coming from solar power by 2050. Clean energy advocates, climate warriors, and regular consumers alike raised […]

Is Propane Safe, Affordable and My Best Option?

The perennial favorite for barbecue grills, propane is also a versatile and convenient fuel with a wide range of applications. Many Americans are turning to propane to serve as the primary energy source in their homes. There are many reasons for switching from electricity, heating oil and natural gas. Let’s drill down on the benefits […]