10 Easy Ways to Be More Energy Efficient in 2018

While we have improved the way to be more energy efficient over the years, we feel there are many easy things we can do at both home and office to be a bit proactive.

Fall/Winter Lowering Energy Suggestions

#10 Lower Thermostat During Colder Months – Just a couple degrees downward can make a big difference. And isn’t it time you finally wear that sweater that’s been sitting in your drawer?

#9 Reverse Your Ceiling Fan to Push Heat Down – Yes, many people are surprised to know there’s a little switch on the fan. Just turn it the other way and you’ll feel warmer in that room!

#8 Door Sweeps/Towels Limit Air Leaks – Use the old towel that your son ruined with hair gel and now put it to good use. Keep the cold air out.

Spring/Summer Energy Efficiency Advice

#7 Turn Up Thermostat During Warmer Months – With lighter clothing, window cross-breezes and ceiling fans, you won’t even notice the slightly higher set temperature.

#6 Central A/C & Furnace Serviced/Cleaned – No one likes to have an unexpected bad day. But by having an annual maintenance check-up, you reduce the chances of that happening on the hottest or coldest day of the year.

#5 Turn Water Heater Down – Extend both the life of your unit and improve savings, too. This is a big oversight, being energy efficient means remembering the minor things around the home.

All-Season Conservation Tips

#4 Close Your Windows Snugly – Your windows might look closed- -but look again. Often this is a common oversight causing drafts any time of the year.

#3 Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances – Don’t get swayed by a flashy ad or a slick sales pitch. Only purchase Energy Star Appliances the next time you go shopping.

#2 Unplug Devices When Not In Use – Remember if its plugged in and even if it’s not turned on, it’s still drawing (and wasting energy). Unplug whenever possible.

And, the #1 way to be more energy efficient in 2018

#1 Switch to a new energy provider, like Atlantic Energy, who is committed to using renewable energy and providing its customers with complimentary energy efficient bulbs and smart home devices!

To learn more about Atlantic Energy and how it helps you reduce your energy consumption and improve savings, visit www.atlanticenergyco.com

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