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Renewable Energy Sources Creating New Employment Opportunities

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Throughout the global energy industry, there is an increasing need to encourage investment and promotion of clean renewable energy. This change in direction has been to keep up with current energy trends, and the overwhelming benefits of using renewable energy over fossil fuel, both economically and environmentally. It is for these reasons that Atlantic Energy – one of the largest natural gas and electricity suppliers in the northeast, is offering and promoting the use of renewable energy sources to their consumers.

Atlantic Energy is promoting awareness of both energy efficient usage and the use of alternative inexhaustible energy sources. Atlantic Energy has created programs geared to achieve these objectives such as offering free LED bulbs to their customers. Their services are currently available in 8 states and will be expanding to more soon. Atlantic Energy is dedicated to providing its customers with ready options and information on alternative energy sources.

Apart from massively benefiting the planet, alternative energy sources are easy ways to boost the economy at the national level. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal power are inexhaustible and incredibly less expensive than fossil fuel. With a growing economy and an ever increasing demand – fossil fuel prices in the US and the rest of the world are on a rise. In some parts of the world availability of fossil fuel is not even guaranteed due to heavy consumption. These are only some of the problems with fossil fuel that has caused a rise in interest in renewable fuel.

One of the most underlooked benefits of large companies such as Atlantic Energy offering alternative energy options is the creation of employment.

The production of fossil fuel; oil, gas, and coal in rich yield countries has reached its peak, some reached as early as 2012. Peak production is a point at which no increase of effort or resource will increase fuel yield. This means that increasing manpower in the production of fossil fuel does not increase production in a significant way to justify it. So, fossil fuel industry is evidently not increasing its workforce compared to other industries.

In the renewable energy industry, due to increased awareness and new opportunities, there is an increase in demand for labor. Statistics from 2017 in the United States, show that the renewable energy sector employed about 9.8 million workers in 2016. which is an increase compared to the previous year. In the same year, the solar energy industry alone employed twice as many laborers as the fossil fuel industry. These numbers are expected to rise over the coming years.

Jobs in the green energy sector have become more available and well paying. With renewable energy, there is sustained business development, and long-term investments are safe. Newer technology has made alternative energy production much more effective and economically viable, with components and equipment becoming more reliable and cheaper.

New areas of employment opportunities in the renewable energy industry

Technical fields (engineering and manufacture)

Most products used for generating renewable energy are relatively new or updated to newer technologies. Engineers and other professionals have to design these products in an economical, effective and reliable way and put them into production. Solar panel systems, wind turbines, and hydro turbines are all designed to fit the consumer scale while meeting certain standards.

Before a product can be manufactured, several processes are checked including design and testing. This is all done by teams of skilled and qualified designers and engineers.

Manufacture and assembly of equipment and components is a massive load of work that requires several skilled and handy workers. This also creates new employment opportunities.


Scientific research is continuously being carried out to identify new ways of improving renewable energy sources. Scientific research is a long and grueling process. It includes months and sometimes even years of data collection and testing. This research needs to be carried out to increase the effectiveness of products and also find new ways of harnessing natural energy with convenience and with good economic value. Energy companies employ scientists to carry out research.

Another type of research done in the renewable energy industry is market research. Market analysts conduct market research to collect necessary market information to improve consumer products. Market research is important since the products are relatively new to the market. The industry needs to know how well their products are doing in the market, or how products can be modified or improved to fit the market.

The research field has several employment opportunities for both scientists and market analysts.

Education and training

Educating energy consumers on the uses and benefits of renewable sources of energy needs to be done to get them interested in using renewable energy. Members of the public are mostly unaware of alternative energy options or lack the proper guidance to its use and availability.

Trainers are also needed to instruct consumers and even other employees on how to use the products, basic maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.

Atlantic Energy has invested a lot in spreading awareness on available renewable energy options and their benefits, in the bid to get consumers interested in clean energy.


Every consumer product or service industry needs a marketing team. Renewable energy firms are no different. They need a marketing department to come up with plans on how to get their products to consumers. In this industry, the marketing departments need to work extra hard to convince consumers why they need renewable energy solutions.

Marketing teams work on publicizing products to consumers across all channels available; social media, print, infomercials and traditional advertising.

Increasing business investments in the alternative energy industry are creating more employment opportunities for local jobs here in the US. Local businesses also benefit from this financially healthy industry. Atlantic Energy has realized this and has chosen to invest in renewable energy and be part of this revolutionary industry.

Use of renewable energy as an alternative to fossil saves the environment, guarantees the affordable availability of ready fuel, and creates new employment opportunities in a variety of field.

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