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Atlantic Energy Wants to Help You Create a Smarter Home

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Smarter Plans

Atlantic Energy works hard to offer the best plans with the most competitive rates. We offer variable rate plans, which means you won't be locked into a long term rate when market conditions are in your favor.
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Smarter Products

90-days after your first day of service with Atlantic Energy, we'll send you a suite of smart products, like cameras, light bulbs, and more, to make your home safer and more efficient. Plus, you're in control—any time, anywhere—with the Atlantic Energy app.
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Smarter Payback

After you've been an Atlantic customer for 24-months, you qualify for 3% cash back on the energy you used over the previous 12 months. It really pays to be an Atlantic customer!

Atlantic Energy Smart Devices

When paired with the Atlantic Energy app, our cameras, light bullbs, and outlets can help make your house safer and more efficient. They can even help you save a little money, too.
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Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let's find a smarter plan for you.

Current Atlantic Customers

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I'm Moving

Before you cancel your service, check to see if Atlantic Energy is available at your new address. We can even help you transfer service.
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I Need Help With My Bill

We understand you may sometimes need a little extra time. We're here to help. Contact us so we can help you make arrangements to get caught up.
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I Need Tech Support

Having trouble with your smart devices or the Atlantic Energy app? Give us a shout! We're all about providing solutions.
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Making the Smarter Choice

When you sign up with Atlantic Energy, you'll receive our line of smart devices. Our smart devices work to help you feel more comfortable, safe, and connected.

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Total Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Turn devices on or off, set schedules, view video feeds, and more. The Atlantic Energy app gives you the power anywhere, any time.
Atlantic Energy wants to help you create a smarter home.
Let’s find the smarter plan for you.
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