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You have a choice when it comes to energy and your energy supplier, so why not choose wisely?

When you sign up with AtlanticEnergy as your electricity and/or natural gas supplier, you will receive our line up of smart devices. Atlantic smart devices work to help you feel more comfortable, safe, connected and keep an eye on your home and/or business when you’re away. Save more energy, boost your home’s efficiency and receive Atlantic Energy smart products at the same time by choosing us as your energy supplier.

What Comes With Your Plan

Smart Home Bundle


  • Electricity and/or natural gas supply
  • 3 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs
  • 2 Smart Wi-Fi Cameras
  • 3 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs
  • 10 LED Bulbs
  • 1 Bluetooth Speaker Bulb
Resi bundle bulb
Inside house

Make your home Smarter.

Atlantic Energy smart devices enable users to control them remotely, using a phone, tablet, or even Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Learn how Atlantic Smart Devices can make your home smarter for you. Get expert advice at (800) 917-9133 from the best gas and electric supplier team. 

Total Control

  • Set schedules to activate smart products
  • Set up programs to react to changes in weather, the time of sunrise or sunset, and more
  • Save money on utilities by turning smart devices off when they aren’t needed
  • Control your smart devices from within your home or across country
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What if your home could do more for the people inside it, and the world around it?

When you enroll with Atlantic Energy as your supplier, much of your power will come from renewable sources, which means you reduce your carbon footprint. When you use our smart devices, you control how your home uses energy. What does that mean? You got it. Your carbon footprint gets even smaller. Just like your utility bills. With Atlantic Energy, you win, the environment wins—everybody wins.

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