Natural Gas and Electricity Provider Washington D.C.

Atlantic Energy offers electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers in Washington D.C. and select areas of the United States.

Washington DC Natural Gas Company

Washington DC is a state that has a deregulated energy market, which allows its residents to obtain the best gas package for their needs by choosing from a variety of gas providers. Depending on where you live within the state, you may have a significant number of available natural gas service providers at your disposal, or just a few. In order to deliver gas to your home, each natural gas company determines its own prices, plans, contracts, and offers, and they work with the public utility in your area.

As a consequence, you should be aware of the difference between the natural gas company you use for your home and the public utility that is in charge of the local infrastructure that delivers natural gas to your home. In the majority of cases, you are unable to choose which public utility delivers the gas to your home. Utility companies own and operate a network of gas pipes and infrastructure system that serve as intermediaries between the natural gas grid and the homes on it. Depending on the reason, whether it’s an interruption in your service, an emergency, or even if there’s an obvious problem like a gas leak, it is up to you to contact the utility in order to resolve it.

Atlantic Energy is a Washington DC natural gas company.

When you have questions about the price you are paying for natural gas, or if you have concerns about the contract of service, you should seek the assistance of the natural gas provider for these matters. While you have the right to switch your natural gas service provider at any time, you should be aware of early cancellation penalties and other fees associated with a contract break. Natural gas providers in Washington DC are likely to offer contracts that range in length from 12 months to 24 months or 36 months. Upon expiration of your contract, you can use your right to change natural gas providers if you are unhappy with your current company or would prefer a company with a better reputation for adopting clean energy policies. 

We at Atlantic Energy are committed to being a resource you can rely on to help you reduce and more effectively manage your energy usage, to help you embrace energy efficiency, and make sustainable and green energy a lifestyle choice for all of our customers in the United States.

DC Electricity Provider

There is no question that people in Washington DC need reliable, affordable energy. You might therefore find yourself looking to switch your electricity provider. Switching to Atlantic Energy as your electricity provider is extremely easy. Once you decide that you’re ready to change your energy provider, you can follow these steps to get increased service, lower rates, and more energy options with us as your electricity provider: 

Step 1: Enter your zip code on our homepage.

Step 2: Compare the different plans on offer by browsing cheap rates and selecting the plan that suits you best. If you would rather speak to one of our energy experts, then give Atlantic Energy a call at (800) 917.9133 and speak with a member of our team. They will work with you to find the most appropriate plan and the most reasonable rate for your home.

Step 3: Sign up. After selecting the most suitable plan for you, you can either sign up online by giving us your information and your utility account information or again call us at (800) 917.9133 to speak to an energy expert.

Step 4: It’s time to enjoy your new plan! As your new electricity provider, we will ensure you are relaxed and enjoying the new low rate that we are offering. Look out for the first round of our smart home devices 3 months after you go on flow!

How We Stand Out from Others

At Atlantic Energy, we strive to provide a wide range of services to our customers, which extend beyond simple natural gas and electricity service at competitive rates.

The way we stand out is through:

  • A comprehensive smart home bundle. The bundle offers various smart devices that can help you achieve energy efficiency through smart technology. Some of the things included are LED lights, smart cameras and smart plugs – which you can receive by simply signing up with us as your electricity company. 
  • We offer variable-rate planswhich provide customers with increased savings on their electricity bill when market prices are low. 
  • Top-notch customer service from our experienced Atlantic Energy experts.

Washington D.C. Utilities


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Electricity only

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Supplier Information

Atlantic Energy Third Party Supplier License Number:
Gas: GA 2016-06
Electricity: EA 2016-17

Phone: (800) 917-9133, M-F 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. EST (contact center hours subject to change). Fax: (954) 697-0792

Customer may write to Atlantic Energy at: 1166 W Newport Center DR STE 112 Deerfield Beach FL 33442

Atlantic Energy is not affiliated with and does not represent the LDC. The amount of natural gas and/or electricity supplied is subject to change based upon data reflecting Customer’s consumption obtained by Atlantic Energy or the LDC’s delivery schedule. The LDC will continue to deliver the natural gas and/or electricity supplied by Atlantic Energy.

Switching to a competitive third party supplier is not mandatory. You have the option of remaining with your local utility or a third party supplier for electric supply generation and/or gas supply service.


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