Story of Atlantic Energy

At a time when the earth needs us most all we need is a few people willing to challenge ideologies and find alternative ways to live on earth.

We have reached a stage where dealing with the environment tomorrow is already too late and sustainable energy solutions are the change for today

This is a story about how the founder Patrick Linden created a visionary concept that turned into the growing company it is today. He has 1 goal.


Provide Energy Efficient Solutions for our customers

The truth is that any change we see in the next 10 years begins now. Atlantic Energy has begun working hard as part of the change. This is a company that wants to power homes and businesses with clean energy from renewable resources. In fact, Atlantic Energy has already eliminated 167 million kWhs and this is their story.

Atlantic Energy Inception & How It Came To Be


In 2012 Patrick Linden started Atlantic Energy with an idea to offer customers sustainable energy solutions through energy efficiencies. The originally vision was to enter the deregulated natural gas and electricity market in New York, but after a short time he realized a greater opportunity existed.

Prior to Linden’s visionary ideas, energy was just a commodity play. He knew that leveraging innovation with sustainability would create change, and in just six years Atlantic Energy has already impacted the stagnant energy market and forever changed the way customers view the energy industry.

In an industry that competes over kilowatt hour price, Atlantic Energy doubled down on value added offerings , while still satisfying a competitive rate for there customer.

To scale the business, Patrick sought out direct sales pioneer, James Uglow. Both parties had aligned interests and as of January 2018 the two merged under Atlantic Energy.

Now as Co-CEO’s James Uglow and Patrick Linden plan to continue shaping today's energy industry.

In house sales are headed by Uglow. In addition to his experience, Uglow brings structure and organization to the most critical touch point of the business. He claims, “This department is what sets us apart from any other energy sales business in the world. We provide our employees a career opportunity with training, mentoring, and guidance, to help them reach the goals they desire”. Uglow has formulated a preparatory training program that all sales member must complete. “The implementation of this training is at the absolute core of who Atlantic Energy is” said Uglow. “My experience spans multiple continents and over my 25 year career I have learned the importance of cultivating and growing the salesforce while still maintaining quality”.


Finding The Right People

& Scaling Up

Price Play & Pushing Boundaries


Until Atlantic Energy, energy companies would solicit customers with an attempted lower rates. “Companies that only compete on price have a very difficult time differentiating themselves in this industry” Patrick Linden points out. “At Atlantic Energy, we have our own branded light bulbs, smart product and app that completely separates us from other energy companies. It allows us to build a real relationship with our customer through brand loyalty.”

Now, enter Atlantic Energy!

Patrick Linden wanted to offer customers an experience.

After signing up with Atlantic Energy, a homeowner can expect:

 $650 worth of smart product

1. After 90 Days - 1 Wi-Fi Smart Camera, 3 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulbs

2. After 6 Months - 1 Wi-FI Smart Camera and 1 Smart Speaker Bulb

3. After 12 Months- 10 Atlantic Energy LED Light Bulbs

4. After 18 Months - 3 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

5. After 24 Months - 3% Cash Back on power usage from previous 12 months 

After signing up with Atlantic Energy, a business owner can expect:

LED light bulbs for their entire business

1. Immediately- LED Light Bulb for entire business
2. After 90 days- 1 Wi-Fi Smart Camera
3. After 12 months- 6 Color Changing Mood Lights
4. After 12 months- 6 Energy Efficient Smart Plugs
Option- Price Protection Guarantee for fixed rate customers. (state depending)

Atlantic Energy has noticed customer retention rates double the industry standard and customer churn rates under 2%. Linden attributes this to customers feeling a part of a completely transparent experience.

When asked, Patrick described this as:

"Wanting each customer to know, we value them. We have built a business that has multiple diverse touch points to ensure we continue to enhance our customers experience. As we have expanded one of our greatest assets is identifying local talent to join our workforce. This gives us a major advantage not only in geographically knowledge but also the ability to communicate with local homeowners. Diversity in our workplace is our competitive edge."

Looking Back To Move



By bringing IT in house and running the entire business on a world class preparatory platform, Atlantic Energy are now considered trailblazers of the energy industry. “This allows us to handle the entire customer migration with world class technology” said Patrick Linden. Atlantic Energy continues to integrate the most efficient technologies from around the world to drive growth. And if the technology has not been developed, they go ahead and architected it themselves.

In house customer service gives the business real time quality assurance, that customer needs are being met promptly. “TPV calls insure at the point of sale, customers are completely comfortable and aware of the offer they have signed up for” said Uglow. Even after onboarding a customer an outboard QA call is made to welcome and thank customers for joining the Atlantic Energy movement. This goes back to Patrick Linden’s original goal of a completely transparent process to build trust with Atlantic Energy’s customer base.


They have even brought logistics into the fold to own the shipping relationship with 15 Atlantic Energy vans.  When a customer signs up with Atlantic Energy, they want to handle the shipping responsibilities to ensure product arrives on time. And finally, Atlantic Energy has cultivated an in house supply desk that constantly monitors day of and day ahead energy sales. This team uses forecasting metrics to help mitigate any unforeseen spikes in the commodity market.

What’s Next For Atlantic Energy?


After a short six years, Atlantic Energy is one of the premier Natural Gas and Electricity providers in the North East of the United States with plan to continue expansion into all deregulated markets. “Our formula has proven to work”, Linden said. “We put the customer first and are ready to scale this across all markets”. With sales continuing to grow, Atlantic Energy has positioned themselves as a stronghold in this industry.

Patrick Linden and James Uglow have proven that the original belief of an energy company offering more than just the commodity is no longer a thought, it’s Atlantic Energy

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