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Atlantic Energy offers electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C.

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Switching Energy Suppliers:

Who is Eligible?

The energy industry is a rather unique one in the United States, as customers have for the longest time not been given a choice in whose services to use. From the beginning of the utility industry, a single company would own and operate the energy generation and transmission equipment and customers would only be given the choice: receive power from this company or don’t receive power at all.

Given how quickly constant and reliable electricity became essential for a healthy, safe, and productive daily life, the result was monopolies and a lack of competition among energy providers. In capitalistic societies, competition is cited as the driver of innovation, customer benefits, and progress, so it became no wonder why later into the 20th century the utility industry was largely known to be filled with inertia and was consistently slow to change.

In the past few decades, though, American customers have slowly and progressively been given the option to switch energy suppliers as regulations and politics have changed to allow for competitive energy suppliers. However, those with the ability to switch energy suppliers are still in the minority across the United States, while those without such an option continue to fight for their right to energy choice.

These are some complex factors that will determine whether or not you are eligible to switch energy providers. Across the United States, it’s truly a patchwork of policies and regulations, making it hard for even an industry veteran to keep track of it all. As such, the best option is to contact your local resources and do your homework. For customers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C. you may be eligible to choose Atlantic Energy as your energy supplier.


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