Register to see if you qualify for FREE Smart Home Devices & low electric rates. Reduce your home’s energy consumption while saving your cash with rates as-low-as ¢6.9 per kWh! No cancellation fees, no commitment, and no sign up fee.

Individual rates will vary based on location and utility service territory*

Sign up with AtlanticEnergy, 

get our line of smart

devices on us + a free gift!

Hurry! Offer ends 12/30/19

What's included?

• 3 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

• 2 Smart Wi-Fi Cameras

• 3 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs

• 10 LED Bulbs

• 1 Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

• $650 Value • 19 Pieces + 3% Cash Back


+ Free Gift

For limited time, you can get 5 additional LED Bulbs with your smart home package

The Smart

Home Bundle

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You get, 3 Smart

Wi-Fi Enabled LED Bulbs

compatible with the

AtlanticEnergy App


Reduce your

energy usage.

When you enroll with Atlantic Energy as your supplier, your local utility will still deliver and service your power. The only change is the rate you pay.

Make your home smarter.

Atlantic Energy smart home products enable users to control them remotely, using a phone, tablet, or even Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

Receive free

smart products.

Once you sign up with Atlantic Energy as your energy supplier, you will receive our Smart Home Bundle for no upfront cost. ($650 Retail Value)

For a limited time, get 5 additional LED Bulbs with your smart home bundle!

That’s 24 smart home devices total!  Register now, offer ends 12/30/2019

The details:

No cancellation fee

Price protection or variable rate options

LED Lights that reduce energy consumption by up to 90% of lighting related energy use.

Control your Atlantic smart devices remotely using a phone, tablet

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