Smart Devices for a Smarter Home

Smart devices from Atlantic Energy aren’t just about convenience. They’re about efficiency and security, too. Along with an electric and gas plan from Atlantic, they make your smart home even smarter.

A19 Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart LED
BR30 Bluetooth Enabled
Smart LED
Smart Plug Wi-Fi
Enabled Smart Plug
Cube Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
Mini 6 Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
Mini 7 Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
Mini 8 Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
Mini 9 Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
Speed Wi-Fi Enabled
Smart Camera
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Inside house

Make your home Smarter.

Atlantic Energy smart devices enable users to control them remotely, using a phone, tablet, or even Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Watch and learn

Discover new ways to enjoy your Atlantic Smart Devices with our how-to and set up videos.

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