Do Smart Homes Really Save You Money?

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Even after a year of being housebound, many of us find ourselves in a remote-work situation, so home is where we’re going to spend far more time than we once did. It doesn’t take long for our thoughts to switch to the extra power we’re going to use by being at home so much more. […]

Energy Efficiency: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

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There are so many reasons you should want to reduce your energy footprint. If combating climate change, reducing pollution and preserving the planet for future generations aren’t convincing arguments … how about saving you money? Wasting anything is money sent down the drain, and spending more on energy than you need to is no different.  […]

Energy-Saving Tips for Smart Homes

Have you ever done a home energy assessment? If you haven’t — or if it’s been a while — it’s possible that your household is wasting significant amounts of energy. It also provides valuable insights, such as which areas of your home require more power, whether it’s time to add more insulation, and/or whether your […]

Light Comparison Guide: LED Lights Versus Standard Bulbs

Don’t you hate it when it’s the middle of the night, and you’re a few pages away from finishing your latest murder-mystery novel when a blown light bulb suddenly ruins your chance of finding out who done it? If your bedside table lamp uses a regular light, you might want to know if you can […]

What You Should Know When Choosing the Products for You

There’s no denying it anymore, the smart home market is emerging as a hot and growing sector that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even better for the energy-savvy consumer, these smart products are able to help you manage your home energy use and increase overall energy efficiency in ways that were never before […]

Using the Atlantic Energy App with Your Smart Home Bundle Products

Smart home products have gone from futuristic ideas or toys of the wealthy to real tools for the average family to manage their home, save energy, and seamlessly improve their lives. Because of the immense benefits they can provide a home, Atlantic Energy has been proud that customers can receive up to $650 of smart […]

Smart Home Technology for Renters: Not Just for Homeowners

A common refrain when people look at and hear about smart technology is that they wish they could make their home smart, but because they’re not yet homeowners that such a transition is not for them. The idea here goes that because some of the most popular smart home technologies—such as smart thermostats or smart […]

Do’s and Don’ts of the Smart Home World for the Energy Conscious

In recent years, the Internet of Things has truly transformed from being something only commercial businesses or the most tech-savvy of residents could take advantage of to ubiquitous home accessory that everyone from children to their grandparents utilizes every day. Home voice assistants are common holiday gifts, smart lights are frequently encouraged and incentivized by […]

Unboxing, Setting Up, and Using Your New Wi-Fi Smart Camera from Atlantic Energy

Atlantic Energy strives to be more than your run-of-the-mill energy provider, looking for innovative ways to help customers improve their experience and reward them for their choice to remain with Atlantic Energy. Beyond our ability to provide you with clean and reliable energy at an affordable price, one of the key ways we set ourselves […]