What You Should Know When Choosing the Products for You

There’s no denying it anymore, the smart home market is emerging as a hot and growing sector that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even better for the energy-savvy consumer, these smart products are able to help you manage your home energy use and increase overall energy efficiency in ways that were never before […]

The Importance Of Customer Service To Atlantic Energy LLC

Atlantic Energy recognizes the need for a superior in house customer service center. Viewed as innovators in the stagnant energy industry, Atlantic Energy continues to elevate themselves away from what’s been tolerated as far as customer service in this field. There are mainly pain points that typically exist for a customer when choosing an energy […]

How Atlantic Energy Can Get Green Energy To Your State

Atlantic Energy has changed the way homes and businesses consume energy. Join us and help reduce the negative impact current energy production continue to have on the environment. Did you know that you can choose your home’s energy supplier? Have you ever considered what kind of energy you use at home? The energy business has […]

Control Your Business From Anywhere! Smart Business Bundle

Atlantic Energy continues to exceed customer expectations. This time, they’re smart business bundle product suite goes beyond what other energy company have offered. Atlantic Energy made its name in the energy industry with its innovative and unique LED light bulb program. This offer was geared towards businesses and brought true value added offers to the […]

Become more energy efficient with Atlantic Energy’s LED Lighting Program

While there are many ways to make your business more energy efficient, the Atlantic Energy LED Lighting Program may be the simplest and most impactful way yet! Join our 29,000 customers who have teamed up with Atlantic Energy’s movement to become more energy efficient. Atlantic Energy has distributed over 550,000 LED light bulbs throughout New […]

Atlantic Energy 2018 Private Yacht Event

Atlantic Energy hosted the 5th annual private Yacht cruise for their entire staff Saturday, July 14th in New York City. This event was attended by over 285 Atlantic Energy employees from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland, Ohio and Delaware. Co-CEO James Uglow said, “Our staff works so hard and I am thrilled to […]

Main Services Atlantic Energy Offers

The thing is this: It’s 2018 and we all know how important living a greener life is, we also understand that if we do not play our part now the consequences will be fatal. So, how can you change your carbon footprint? Here at Atlantic Energy we believe in the Power of Choice so we […]

Why Atlantic Energy Utility Bill Audit Is Accessible To Everyone

Utility bills can be confusing. There are fees for usage, delivery and taxes which make understanding what your paying for difficult. Why not let one of Atlantic Energy’s specialists perform a cost-saving analysis (bill audit) for you. Not only can we review your bill history to make sure its accurate, we can also offer you […]

Understanding Renewable Energy Sources

The United States is a leading energy consumer for both domestic and industrial purposes. This means that energy sources and technology are constantly changing to meet the high demand. With such a large-scale energy consumption, Atlantic Energy wants to ensure that clean and environmentally responsible energy is being produced. That is why Atlantic Energy stands […]

Renewable Energy Sources Creating New Employment Opportunities

Throughout the global energy industry, there is an increasing need to encourage investment and promotion of clean renewable energy. This change in direction has been to keep up with current energy trends, and the overwhelming benefits of using renewable energy over fossil fuel, both economically and environmentally. It is for these reasons that Atlantic Energy […]