Benefits of Renewable Energy in the Northeast.

Renewable Energy and Its Importance. For the last few years, the world has been facing unprecedented impacts of global climate change. The global temperature rise is recorded more than 2-degree annually, this has a serious consequence on our natural ecosystem. Natural disasters like flooding, typhoon, melting glaciers, and mega-fires are becoming more and more frequent. […]

Energy Audits and Home Energy Assessments: What Value Can They Bring Homeowners?

As more awareness is brought to the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce wasted energy, not to mention the financial benefits that households receive by minimizing their utility bills, many people find themselves wondering what the best way to start is. You can take the basic actions that many people already know about, such […]

Switching Energy Suppliers: What Are the Customer Benefits?

Switching energy suppliers is not available to everyone across the country, as those who still live under the monopoly of a regulated market are restricted to just the one company to provide them power. However, for those who live in a market that is deregulated, and thus allows consumer choice of energy supplier, a question […]

Deregulation in the Energy Sector: What It Means for Customers

Since the early days of Edison and the dawn of the utility sector, power providers have typically enjoyed a regulated monopoly over their customers, meaning end-users did not have any choice when it came to energy companies. There would be a single utility company that controlled the power lines going into homes and businesses and […]

Using the Atlantic Energy App with Your Smart Home Bundle Products

Smart home products have gone from futuristic ideas or toys of the wealthy to real tools for the average family to manage their home, save energy, and seamlessly improve their lives. Because of the immense benefits they can provide a home, Atlantic Energy has been proud that customers can receive up to $650 of smart […]

Smart Home Technology for Renters: Not Just for Homeowners

A common refrain when people look at and hear about smart technology is that they wish they could make their home smart, but because they’re not yet homeowners that such a transition is not for them. The idea here goes that because some of the most popular smart home technologies—such as smart thermostats or smart […]

Do’s and Don’ts of the Smart Home World for the Energy Conscious

In recent years, the Internet of Things has truly transformed from being something only commercial businesses or the most tech-savvy of residents could take advantage of to ubiquitous home accessory that everyone from children to their grandparents utilizes every day. Home voice assistants are common holiday gifts, smart lights are frequently encouraged and incentivized by […]

Electricity Choice By The Numbers: Who’s Switching Providers and Why?

Since the turn of the century, more and more electricity markets have begun to allow customers a degree of energy choice through a process called deregulation. Deregulation means that customers have the ability to choose an energy supplier other than the incumbent local utility from which to buy power generation, though that incumbent utility will […]