The Importance Of Customer Service To Atlantic Energy LLC

Atlantic Energy recognizes the need for a superior in house customer service center.

Viewed as innovators in the stagnant energy industry, Atlantic Energy continues to elevate themselves away from what's been tolerated as far as customer service in this field.

There are mainly pain points that typically exist for a customer when choosing an energy provider and most revolve around customer service. Instead of turning a blind eye and accepting the industry standard, Atlantic Energy doubled down on customer service to ensure customers needs are met.

While still considered a young company, Atlantic Energy has experienced serious growth in the past 4 years. When Co-CEO Patrick Linden was asked about this he claimed, “Our specialty is customer retention. We have double the retention rate in the energy industry. When customers sign up with Atlantic, they become a customer for life”.

In a world where true customer service is sometimes nonexistent, Atlantic Energy makes sure to train there teams properly. “We hold weekly training sessions across many topics such as fixed and varying rates, the Atlantic Energy LED program, energy efficient solutions, residential and commercial smart bundles and much more” said Linden. We also have physical product in our call center for each specialist to touch and feel. This way they can relate to the customer”.
This team is headed by industry expert Sara Petrozza. She has over a decade of experience with customer service in the energy industry. When asked about Atlantic Energy’s customer service Sara says, “We really care about our customers. We have systems in place that allow us to help educate customers. With all my years in customer service I have found the more we can educate the customer base the better”.
With no signs of slowing down growth, Atlantic Energy is positioned well to service customers needs.
Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has been a hot topic debating by many around the world. There is plenty of information which supports turning a blind eye to current energy production may lead to devastating long lasting effects on the environment. Atlantic Energy supports renewable energy production such as solar, wind, hydrogen, etc. Helping customers understand the benefits of these sources is a high priority for the Atlantic Energy customer service team.

“We want to be a source of information for customers” says Patrick Linden. “Our customer base is smart, and the more we can educate them, the better decisions they will be able to make. We want to make it really simple for customers to join our movement and go green”. Renewable energy offers has been a point of differentiation for the Atlantic Energy customer service team.

With Atlantic Energy, The Conversation Keeps Going

Whether it’s energy efficient solutions or renewable energy credits, Atlantic Energy makes sure its customer base is educated through there customer service team. Many can relate to customer service being a pain point, but Atlantic Energy has chose to make their customers experiences much more pleasant. “Something as simple as switching all of your old light bulbs over to Atlantic Energy LED bulbs can have an enormous impact on customers usage” says Linden. “This applies to homeowners and businesses”. This is a good example of an area Atlantic Energy educates there customers. Not only is it important to share renewable energy options, it is equally as important to help customers become energy efficient in there everyday lives.

Atlantic Energy pioneered the value added offers for customers in the energy industry. Building its customer base with the Atlantic Energy LED program, now they have evolved and in addition offer smart home and businesses product bundles. Having been trail blazers in this industry it is critical for customers to understand all the benefits that Atlantic Energy truly offers. The company's growth and development are hinged on the customer service department.

“I am most proud of our customer service center. This department truly has a pulse on our customer base each day” said Patrick Linden, Atlantic Energy Co-CEO.

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