Why Atlantic Energy Utility Bill Audit Is Accessible To Everyone

Utility bills can be confusing. There are fees for usage, delivery and taxes which make understanding what your paying for difficult.

Why not let one of Atlantic Energy’s specialists perform a cost-saving analysis (bill audit) for you. Not only can we review your bill history to make sure its accurate, we can also offer you eco-friendly renewable energy and efficient energy solutions for your home or business. A utility bill audit is a detailed analysis of all utility accounts (electrictricity, gas, water, sewer, etc) reviewing up to three years for errors, overcharges, and/or missed opportunities.

There are many scenarios that can result in you paying more than you should be:

  • Meter-read error

  • Tax-code errors

  • Rates not in accordance with your contracts

  • Meter Malfunction

  • Wrong meter types installed by utility

  • Clerical errors in bill computations

  • Incorrect facts applied by the utility

  • Missed incentives and unclaimed credits

By choosing Atlantic Energy to perform a bill audit, we can also share with you special offers we can only offer to Atlantic Energy customers such as:

  • LED lighting program for your entire business, restaurant, pharmacy, etc.

  • Green energy - wind, solar, hydrogen, etc

  • Smart product - Smart Camera’s, LED light bulbs, Plugs

  • Cashback opportunities!

A bill audit is a simple 3 step process

  1. Service Agreement: Complete our inspection agreement. This will allow us to start your Utility Bill Audit

  2. Letter of Authorisation: Provide us with a letter of authorisation (LOA) on your company letterhead

  3. Billing Statement: Provide us with a recent copy of your billing statement for the utility accounts being audited.

As a recognized innovators and leader in the energy space, Atlantic Energy wants to make sure your covered. We are passionate about offering renewable energy and efficient energy solutions for homes and businesses. Contact one of our specialists today to schedule your bill audit. 1-800-917-9133.

Ready to sign up?

Be sure to have the name of your utility provider and your account number handy. If you don’t have your account number right now, you can start the sign-up process and then add it later. 

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