Natural Gas and Electricity Provider Ohio

Atlantic Energy offers electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers in Ohio and select areas of the United States.

Atlantic Energy Is an Ohio Electricity and Natural Gas Provider

As electric suppliers in Ohio, Atlantic Energy is committed to helping its Ohio residential and commercial customers stay connected to the energy they need to power the things that matter most to them. We offer the freedom to select and choose the electric suppliers’ rates and plans which meet your budget and lifestyle needs. 

At Atlantic Energy, we are proud to serve the electricity needs of our Ohio customers with the belief that making personal connections and leveraging smart devices will set us apart from the competition. As electric suppliers in Ohio, we are dedicated to providing you, your friends, and your family with high-quality energy, a variety of plans, and a service that is dependable and dedicated.

How To Find the Best Rates

Deregulation of the energy market in Ohio means energy rates are subject to fluctuation throughout the year depending on the season, energy demand, and other factors. Atlantic Energy can help you find the best rate for electricity use in the state of Ohio by comparing the different plans available in the market. Follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Enter your zip code on our homepage

Step 2: Compare the different plans on offer by browsing cheap rates and plans and select the one that suits you best.

Step 3: Sign up. After selecting the most suitable plan for you, you can either sign up online by giving us your information and your utility account number or call the number on our website to speak to an energy expert.

Step 4: It’s time to enjoy your new plan! As your new electric supplier, we will ensure you are relaxed and enjoying the new cheap rates with us. We’ll handle your account set up and you’ll receive your first set of Atlantic’s smart home devices after your first 3 months on flow.

Rates Of Electricity in My Area

There is a wide variation in electricity rates across Ohio, primarily due to different utility transmission costs. Depending on where you live in Ohio, the price you pay may be different from what you pay in another part of the state. Whenever you are looking for electric suppliers, it is important to look specifically for electricity rates that are available near you.

You can find accurate and reliable electric rates in your area on the Atlantic Energy website to help you make an informed decision. By entering your ZIP code, you can accurately compare electricity rates in the state of Ohio.

Explore Your Ohio Rate Options

We offer variable rate plans for our electric and gas customers in Ohio.

But you might be asking yourself, what does a variable rate plan mean for me?


Variable Rate Plan Explained

There is no doubt that variable-rate tariffs (also known as variable price plans) do exactly what their name suggests – they fluctuate in price. Or, more precisely, the cost of energy per unit of energy (kWh) varies with the market.

Despite this, they don’t change randomly – the wholesale energy markets regulate them. Consequently, your variable energy rates may also vary if wholesale prices rise or fall.

Take a look at some of the advantages of being on a variable-rate tariff:
  • The benefit of a variable rate tariff is that you can take advantage of reductions in wholesale energy prices – and yes, they do drop sometimes. For example, in 2020, prices dropped dramatically due to the first Covid lockdown – meaning that those on variable tariffs can take advantage of the low price cap.
  • You won’t be locked into a contract, so you can leave whenever you want for a better deal.
  • You have the option of switching to a different plan at any time as well.
  • The standard variable-rate tariff does not have any exit fees.

Ohio Utilities


Energy Provided

First Energy (Ohio Edison)

Electricity Only

First Energy (Toledo Edison)

Electricity Only

First Energy (Clevland Illuminating)

Electricity Only

Duke Energy

Electricity Only

Duke Energy Gas

Natural Gas Only

AEP Ohio Power

Electricity Only

AEP Columbus Southern Power

Electricity Only


Natural Gas Only


Natural Gas Only

Supplier Information

Atlantic Energy Third Party Supplier License Number:

Electric: 16-1567—EL-CRS

Gas: 18-640G(1)

Phone: (800) 917-9133, M-F 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. EST (contact center hours subject to change). Fax: (954) 697-0792

Customer may write to Atlantic Energy at: 1166 W Newport Center DR STE 112 Deerfield Beach FL 33442

Atlantic Energy is not affiliated with and does not represent the LDC. The amount of natural gas and/or electricity supplied is subject to change based upon data reflecting Customer’s consumption obtained by Atlantic Energy or the LDC’s delivery schedule. The LDC will continue to deliver the natural gas and/or electricity supplied by Atlantic Energy.

Switching to a competitive third party supplier is not mandatory. You have the option of remaining with your local utility or a third party supplier for electric supply generation and/or gas supply service.


Last Updated

February 2022