Mini 9 Smart Camera



2.9 mm Lens, 720 p wide angle lens with tilt, 1280x720 p picture size, remote access, motion detection, two way audio.

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How do I purchase tickets?

Please visit our website at, all tickets are contactless, emailed tickets will be delivered with special event reminders.

How do tickets work?

Each ticket will be good for entry to the Park on the listed night of the event only. You do not need printed tickets. Have your electronic tickets, ID or Dinosaur Park membership card ready upon entry to the museum. No refunds; transferring tickets to another day is subject to availability.

Can tickets be purchased in person?

No. All tickets must be purchased online. Tickets are limited for a COVID-safe event. Please get your tickets before they are gone.

Is the event scary?

While the event has a spooky fun theme appropriate for Halloween, it is family-friendly and not designed to be scary.

What should we expect to happen during the event (evening itinerary)?

Upon arrival at the Park you will enter into the Stewart Paleontology Museum for a spooky trip into the Past, full of true “ghost” stories ripped from the fossil record. Once outside, you will get to see the park after dark, decorated for the spookiest holiday of the year. Make sure you have flashlights at the ready for periodic park-wide blackouts! Once you’ve completed your nocturnal ramble through the park, you will return to the museum courtyard where you can pick up your individually-wrapped treat bags and other goodies. All areas east of the river will be closed including playground and Education Center. Expect the ½ mile one-way walk to take around an hour, and remember to maintain social distancing while you explore!

Do I need to wear a protective mask?

Masks are required for all patrons age 6+ for the indoor portion of the journey, where every visitor will start. Once outdoors, masks are no longer required, but we do ask that you continue to socially distance.

Make sure to bring masks for all members of your party ages 6+.


Costumes are welcome! For many years the variety of visitor costumes has been one of the most exciting aspects of Dinosaur Park Halloween events. However, remember -

- Small children will be present. Make sure your costume will not be too scary or traumatizing for little ones.
- In this pandemic year, make sure that your costume is compatible with a droplet-blocking face mask, to protect vulnerable community members.
- Please, no real weapons or fake ones hard/strong enough to do real damage.

I'm supposed to bring a flashlight? What's that about?

When we say "Dinos in the Dark," we mean Dinos in the Dark. While the outdoor sculpture park will be lit by our famous Halloween lights for most of the event, there will be regularly announced black-outs as part of the evening's fun. Your family will want to have your flashlights ready to find the creatures in the dark, and not risk blindly running into any paws, claws, or jaws!

Ticket Ages

For this event, tickets of a given category (general admission, member, etc) are a single price for all ages except the following, which are free: - Children ages 2 and under
- Seniors age 62 and over

My ticket won't download

For the first week of sales, a problem with the ticketing system prevented ticket downloads. However, all purchases have been recorded, and tickets will be manually e-mailed to all customers within a few days. We appreciate your patience regarding this issue. For other ticketing issues, please e-mail




Mini 8

Speed 4



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