LED Lighting Program

If you want to reduce your electricity use, one good way to do it is to replace all of your wasteful, old-style incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs with super-efficient new LED lighting.

How it works


Since LEDs produce such a superior quality of light, we provide these bulbs complimentary to our eligible customers to replace all of their outdated lighting, slashing their energy usage and refreshing their places of business. 


Our LED program is so successful, that on a yearly basis we distribute an average of 200,000 LED light bulbs to our customers – a retail value of $5 million dollars!    


We are the only energy supply company that not only offers LED light bulbs, but has our own dedicated distribution centers, transportation, and staff to deliver LEDs directly to consumers (for example, via power lines and natural gas pipes).


Local utility companies build, maintain and own the energy delivery infrastructure, and until recently, consumers had no choice other than to also purchase the supply of energy from them – a monopoly for local utility companies, for both the supply and delivery of energy.   But that is changing, on a state-by-state basis. To open up competition and reduce costs for consumers, state governments are “deregulating” their energy markets – meaning that energy supply companies other than local utilities may offer their own energy supply to consumers. When a consumer chooses to purchase energy from a supply company such as Atlantic Energy, the local utility company is still responsible for delivering that supply to the customer using its existing delivery infrastructure.   In the states we serve, deregulation of the energy market allows customers to choose their energy supplier. The majority of our customers have had unnecessary high energy bills with their local utility company, and have reduced their energy costs by choosing us as their supplier. After they enrolled with Atlantic Energy and selected one of our supply plans, they were able to reduce their energy costs once their next billing period began. In addition, we maximize the energy savings by providing complementary energy-efficient LED light bulbs to eligible customers.



Enroll with Atlantic Energy as your electricity supplier Atlantic Energy.


Within ten days of enrolling with us an Atlantic LED lighting inspector will visit your business on a date of your choice.


Within three weeks of the on-site inspection, an Atlantic LED delivery agent will come to your business and drop off your free LED light bulbs.


Take a closer look

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