Natural Gas and Electricity Provider Illinois

Atlantic Energy offers electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers in Illinois and select areas of the United States.

Electricity Provider in Illinois

Atlantic Energy has been an electricity provider in Illinois for years, offering 50% green energy. Enter your zip code via our homepage to see Illinois Electricity Rates.

Energy Deregulation in Illinois

There was a time when the people of Illinois were paying some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Energy Choice was implemented in October 1999 and made available to all large commercial customers by the middle of May 2002. As part of the compensation for the lack of choice for the homes and small businesses that were not able to purchase deregulated energy, legislators decreased the electric prices by twenty percent and locked them in for ten years to compensate for the lack of choice. 

Energy companies in Illinois have been forced to become more efficient and offer competitive rates to businesses and residents in the wake of deregulation. Although it took some time for the state to see the benefits of deregulation of electricity in Illinois, the state now boasts one of the lowest electricity prices in the country as a result of the competition between electric providers. While some of its neighboring states have seen their electricity prices rise over the past few years, Illinois electricity prices have decreased and in 2013 were among the ten lowest in the United States.


Types of electric provider plans in Illinois

Fixed-rate plans in Illinois

The most common electric plans include fixed electricity rates, which means that you will have to pay the same rate every month regardless of what price fluctuations there may be in the market for energy. There is no question that most fixed-rate electricity plans involve a contract, and if you decide to end the contract before it expires, you will often be required to pay an early termination fee (ETF). It is always advisable if you are a person who values stability and security, to opt for a fixed-rate plan with your electricity provider.

Variable-rate plans in Illinois

When you select a variable-rate plan for your electricity, you take into account that the price of electricity may fluctuate based on the movement in the energy market. This means that you might be able to find a cheaper rate when electricity demand is low, but that your rate might rise when electricity demand is high. The good news for those of you looking for variable-rate plans is that there is no contract required, so you could change plans with your electricity provider if market prices rise. Variable-rate plans can be appealing to those of you who like to take advantage of the flexibility.

Natural Gas Provider in Illinois

As well as an electricity provider, Atlantic Energy is also a natural gas provider in Illinois. 

As a result of the deregulation of natural gas retailing, only the supply of gas is open to competition. As a consequence, customers in deregulated states that are serviced by investor-owned local distribution companies will be able to shop around for a competitive natural gas supply rate and be able to select their natural gas provider. As a consumer shopping for a natural gas plan, you are looking for not only the best gas supply rates, but also any other perks that the supplier might be offering you. The unique selling point for Atlantic Energy is our smart home bundles – a collection of smart devices you can receive for free by only signing up with us. These smart devices, such as LED lights, smart cameras and plugs, all can help you towards a more energy-efficient home. 

However, it is important to note that the delivery of natural gas is a separate (and regulated) charge on the bill. When it comes to natural gas delivery, if you choose to move to a different natural gas provider, you will not experience any changes to the method of transportation or distribution of natural gas. The local distribution company that serves the address of the customer is still responsible for delivering the natural gas to the customer safely, reliably, and efficiently. Gas transportation and distribution prices are regulated by state and federal authorities, so they are the same for everyone within a delivery area served by the same natural gas provider.

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Supplier Information

Atlantic Energy Third Party Supplier License Number:

Electric: 18-0733

Gas: 18-0734

Phone: (800) 917-9133, M-F 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. EST (contact center hours subject to change). Fax: (954) 697-0792

Customer may write to Atlantic Energy at: 1166 W Newport Center DR STE 112 Deerfield Beach FL 33442

Atlantic Energy is not affiliated with and does not represent the LDC. The amount of natural gas and/or electricity supplied is subject to change based upon data reflecting Customer’s consumption obtained by Atlantic Energy or the LDC’s delivery schedule. The LDC will continue to deliver the natural gas and/or electricity supplied by Atlantic Energy.

Switching to a competitive third party supplier is not mandatory. You have the option of remaining with your local utility or a third party supplier for electric supply generation and/or gas supply service.


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