Power the Smart Way.

Go green by choosing clean energy.


Secure a competitive Fixed or Index Rate for your individual business needs.

Natural Gas

Access North America’s abundant, clean-burning energy source.

LED Lighting

Satisfy your sustainability goals with our LED Lighting Program.


The Smart Home Bundle

Control your home

from anywhere


- 3 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

- 2 Smart Wi-Fi Cameras
- 3 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs
- 10 LED Bulbs

- 1 Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

The Smart Business Bundle

Control your business

from anywhere


- Custom LED Lighting Package for your business

- 6 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs

- 1 Smart Wi-Fi Cameras
- 6 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs


We're now offering Clean Energy

The Power of Choice

Due to deregulation, you can choose your energy supplier, as well as the energy rate plan that supplies your home's electricity. Enroll with Atlantic Energy as your electricity supplier and receive exclusive offers.

101 Energy Saving Tips


#2 Use LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs use around 25-30% less energy

compared to your typical light bulb.


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