Free Energy Program Guidelines

Who is eligible?

The Atlantic Free Energy program is open to all Atlantic Energy Customers in the “Free Energy Plan” who refer 10 or more qualified* Customers that successfully enroll for Atlantic Energy service. To get your Free Energy up to 750 kwh, your Customers must be referred through your Free Energy Referral Code entered at the time of their enrollment with customer service. The maximum refund in any month is  an amount equal to 750 kWh times your current fixed rate.There is no time limit to enroll your Customers, but the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be earning Free Energy!

How is Free Energy calculated?

Your Free Energy credit is based on the average daily energy cost of your referral Customers, calculated from invoices received over the last 60 days. The average daily energy supply cost is then multiplied by the number of days in your current billing cycle to determine your Free Energy refund for that month. The maximum refund in any month is  an amount equal to 750 kWh times your current fixed rate. Each month that you have 10 qualified referred customers enrolled, we will send you a check for your Free Energy amount. As long as you maintain a minimum of 10 qualified Customers, we’ll keep giving you a Free Energy refund.

What is a qualified customer?

To qualify towards your Free Energy plan, a referred Customer must have at least one active enrolled metered service location using at least 400 kwh per month and have completed at least one billing cycle.
Gas Customers

Electricity and natural gas are considered separate services and as of now we do not offer this program for gas, but stay tuned we plan on it near term.

10 Qualified Enrolled Customers are required for the Free Energy Program  

If your qualified referral Customer count dips below 10 Customers for any month, you will not be eligible for a Free Energy for that month. Once you get your qualified Customer count back up, though – and there’s no time limit to replace Customers – you’ll be eligible for future periods.

Plan is effective within any of our service areas

Our system works in  all 8 states that we currently service including NY, NJ, CT, DC, MA, OH and PA. 

Your Referrals Can Also Earn Free Energy Supply

Your Referrals  can also earn Free Energy by referring 10 qualifying customers of their own.

Energy Cost Explained

Energy cost is a simple calculation – the energy supply that a customer uses, multiplied by the rate. So when we calculate an average daily energy supply cost for all your referral Customers, we take the sum of all their energy supply costs and divide by the number of days in their collective billing cycles. Of course, these are Atlantic Energy supply costs only – not any additional taxes or fees such as delivery fees charged by your local utility.

Make Atlantic Energy your Energy Supplier

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