Become an

We want ambitious people who are ready to embark on a journey to a newer, cleaner, lifestyle.


An ambassador program that offers you the opportunity to collaborate with us and ditch the old way of making ends meet! Everything takes place in a state of the art app that is easy and simple to use.

As an Atlantic Energy Ambassador you will participate in missions and promote Atlantic Energy through your social media accounts to let all of your fans know about us, while you gain access to prizes, gift cards and cash money! This opportunity can change your life.


You’re done with the dead-end way of earning income. It is tiring, boring and outdated. The internet, social media, working from home and the easy way of earning cash is what is thriving today. Now, it is right at your fingertips with our ambassador program.​


Here is how you will be rewarded:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Reward Points
  • Energy Credits
  • Freebies

Power your potential by powering your home with Atlantic Energy.

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