Become an


We want ambitious people who are passionate about clean energy and want to power the smart way.


An Ambassador Program that offers you the opportunity to collaborate with us! Everything takes place in the state of the art app and is easy and simple to use. What do I have to do?


As a Atlantic Energy Ambassador you will participate in missions and promote Atlantic Energy through your social media accounts to let all of your  friends and followers know about us!

A transition to clean energy is about investing in our future. 


There has been such an incredible
response to our service and products 

that we have created a way for our community to share and earn with 

the products you love.

We believe Smart home products have gone from futuristic idea or toys of the wealthy to real tools for the average family to manage their home, save energy, and seamlessly improve their lives.   


How will I be rewarded?
• Cash 
• Gift Cards 
• Commission 
• Reward Points 
• Energy Credits

Come change your life by changing the world. 

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