About Us

What if, your energy supplier didn’t see you as a pawn, but rather a partner?

What if your power provider prioritized renewable energy and being as eco-friendly as much as you do? What if your utility didn’t keep the smart technology to themselves but shared with you to empower you to start your own smart home? Thankfully with Atlantic Energy, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

Our Mission

Atlantic Energy strives to be your trusted energy advisor and partner to help you reduce your energy use, to assist you in embracing energy efficiency, and to make sustainable and green energy a lifestyle choice to our customers all over the country.

Who we are

Atlantic Energy is managed and operated by a smart, environmentally-conscious team, headquartered in Florida. We recognize that affordable energy is essential to your everyday life, but also that you want to preserve the environment and fight climate change in your daily lives. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by making these needs of our customers our personal mission to fulfill. You want renewable energy, you want the Internet of Things (IoT) to touch your energy systems, and you want these needs fulfilled at a fair and affordable price. We make it our job to deliver to you all of that and more.

What we do

We aren’t the faceless, uncaring utility you’ve had to deal with your whole life. We are an energy provider who sees eye to eye with you and wants to achieve your eco goals together, to go green together, and to embrace sustainable living. Our Smart Home Bundle and Smart Business Bundle will take your relationship with energy to the next level, giving you smart energy systems by providing you with smart lights, smart plugs, and smart cameras, completely free, just for being a customer.

What’s our role

Atlantic Energy is an energy supplier, both of electricity and natural gas. For residents living in our covered and deregulated jurisdictions, they have the option to choose to leave their existing utility and opt for Atlantic Energy to supply the energy they use. While the local utility would still provide the transmission and distribution infrastructure that takes the electricity or gas into your home or business, Atlantic Energy would be the one providing clean and affordable energy into the grid for your use. You still pay a single utility bill at the end of the month, but the energy supplier portion would be billed to us– no equipment to install, no pain on your end, but just clean and affordable energy from a supplier you chose because they have your back!​

Active Atlantic Energy supply customers can access premium plan event recording for the past 30 days of cloud storage for their Wi-Fi cameras by contacting Atlantic Energy to obtain an access code.​

Atlantic Energy offers electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C.​

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Making a difference

Traditional utilities have only ever cared about making money different and to make a difference. Our goal is to use renewable energy, zero waste principles, green practices, and smart home technology to create a more sustainable world for the future. On top of that, you’ll be getting all of this in addition to your energy supply and while experiencing the most reliable and customer-focused service you’ve encountered from an energy supplier.

How we do it – Deregulation Is Key

The energy business consists of two basic activities: (1) producing a supply of energy, and (2) delivery of the produced energy to consumers (for example, via power lines and natural gas pipes). Local utility companies build, maintain and own the energy delivery infrastructure, and until recently, U.S. consumers had no choice other than also purchasing the energy supply from them. This arrangement was a regulated monopoly for local utility companies, encompassing both the supply and delivery of energy.

But that has been changing in recent years on a state-by-state basis. To open up competition and provide choices for consumers, state governments are “deregulating” their energy markets and providing citizens with the right to choose from a variety of energy supply options. These changes mean energy supply companies other than the legacy local utilities may offer their own energy supply to consumers. When a consumer chooses to purchase energy from a supply company, such as Atlantic Energy, the local utility company is still responsible for delivering that supply to the customer using its existing delivery infrastructure. In the states we serve, deregulation of the energy market allows customers to choose their energy supplier. The majority of our customers have only received their supply from their local utility company, who had no motivation to prioritize customer service or offer different supply options because there was no competition to compel them to do so.

Now, customers are able to take control of their energy supply by choosing us as their supplier and take advantage of our forward-looking philosophies towards a clean energy future and putting the customer as our top priority. After customers enroll with Atlantic Energy and select one of our supply plans, they are able to reduce their energy usage and maximize energy sustainability We do this by providing our loyal customers with various smart home products (completely free of charge!) to elevate their energy sophistication.

Remember, when you enroll with Atlantic Energy, the local utility company will still deliver your power and respond to all outages and emergencies.


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